Technical skills

Game development

Maya / Blender / ZBrush

Hard-surface modeling in Maya/Blender, organic modeling and detailing in ZBrush. Experience designing & implementing 3D game levels & integrating 3D assets. Experience in animation, rigging, & lighting.

3D asset generation

dDo & nDo / Substance Painter

3D texture generation and detailing skills in Photoshop, dDo, nDo, and Substance Painter. Efficient at asset optimization, familiar with typical game development pipelines. Able to match style, atmosphere, and mood to seamlessly integrate with existing assets.

Graphic & Web design

Photoshop / Illustrator

Extensive graphic design and photo-manipulation skills in Photoshop / Illustrator. Experience generating icons, Web assets, layouts, & mockups quickly and accurately. Some 2D animation experience in Flash and CSS.

Application development

HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript / Native

Comprehensive understanding of HTML5 / CSS3. Exhaustive experience with responsive & mobile design. Experience in JavaScript, including front-end frameworks such as AngularJS and VueJS. Experience developing native applications for desktop and mobile in C#, C++. Familiar with Qt, Visual Studio, and Xcode.


Mercer Island Boarding School - Fallout Cascadia

Level design, game design

Mercer Island Boarding School is a location in the upcoming mod Fallout Cascadia. It's a prominent landmark on Mercer Island in Cascadia's fictionalized Seattle setting. Years of dereliction have left the upper floors exposed to the elements, and the outside environment has started creeping in. The Library serves as a nexus- a central and quickly recognizable location to help keep the player oriented. The upper levels feature lots of tall, open ceilings exposed to the sky, allowing the environment to be lit primarily by natural light for a calm, quiet atmosphere. As the player ventures away from the Library and deeper into the school, the hallways become winding and confined, and the mood shifts darker and more claustrophobic, away from the safety and comfort of the open air.

The environment features a lot of natural elements such as vines and leaves that help sell the feeling that nature has begun reclaiming the landscape- an important over-arching theme in Fallout Cascadia. Travelling inwards, the environment becomes more stark and industrial, where areas haven't been affected as much by wind and rain, helping to give a visual transition as the player moves from areas of open exploration to more challenging and focused areas deeper in.

Chinese Assault Rifle - Fallout 4

The standard configuration, using the Chinese Assault Rifle's signature handguard and skeletonized folding stock.

A long-range variant of the rifle, taking influences from real-world Russian marksman rifles like the SVD Dragunov and blending them with the fictional rifle's design.

Modeling, texturing, implementation

The Chinese Assault Rifle is a re-creation of the popular Fallout 3 weapon, released as a standalone mod for Fallout 4. Having been so iconic of Fallout 3, I was suprised the weapon didn't make the cut for the sequel, so I set out to re-design and re-build it for Fallout 4, complete with alternate stocks, barrels, and other parts to utilize Fallout 4's new crafting mechanics.

The goal was to capture the look and feel of the rifle from the previous game, but update it with additional details that blended it seamlessly into the sequel. A lot of effort went towards keeping the original silhouette and preserving certain details so that the weapon would be instantly recognizable, even when fitted with alternate parts.

Many of the additional details such as the sheet-metal stampings on the reciever and fluted gas block are pulled from real-world weapons, and are intended to give the metallic parts a bit of 'pop' to contrast the smooth grip and stock.

Work experience

Hitachi Data Systems UIX designer, 2014-2017

Responsible for the design & implementation of the UI, and the continual improvement of the user experience. Design & development work for Web, mobile, and desktop applications, across platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Fallout Cascadia Level designer & asset creator, 2016-2017

Volunteer for the Cascadia mod development team. Responsible for the design & development of several interior & exterior areas, as well as design, modeling, texturing, animation, and implementation of several high-profile assets such as the Service Rifle and Rad Ranger.


I love video games. There's something unique about being able to step into a world and interact with it, to immerse yourself in its atmosphere and be part of its universe.

What I particularly enjoy about creating game assets is getting into the gritty details. Especially in such a medium where you can not only design something, but experience it in action, it's a ton of fun thinking about how something works, why it works the way it does, how time and use (or disuse!) have manifested themselves, and how a particular piece fits into a bigger whole as part of an environment or character.

I graduated from Clarkson University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Communication & Media, and am currently working as a UIX designer for Hitachi Data Systems in the greater Boston area. I'm an active contributer to the Fallout modding community, and partake in a variety of Boston-area game-related events.

Aside from games, I love music- I'm the singer and rhythm guitarist in a band called "Stalling for Time." (We're not entirely sure what it means). I also thoroughly enjoy the outdoors, exploring new places (road trips!), board games (Dungeons & Dragons FTW), and Coca-Cola.