Send It

A mischevious physics-based arcade game

UE4 Blueprints Maya Blender Substance Painter UMG
Send It is the second game prototyped by my studio Unfamiliar Games and is currently in search of a publisher. It's been shown at Otakon and MAGFest, where it won a Tronster Award.

It combines fast-paced arcade gameplay with physics-based destruction for a boxload of quirky, slapstick fun and a staggering amount of head injuries.


An aerial twin-stick action shooter

UE4 Blueprints Maya Blender Substance Painter UMG
Dieselhawk started as solo project for's Game Off 2018, and has aspirations of being expanded into a fully-featured title.

The game's primary mechanic involves blending two weapons together to combine their effects into a more powerful weapon. Players can mix-and-match a variety of weapons on-the-fly to produce a huge variety of unique effects and firing patterns, which keeps the game fast, varied, and fun.


I started as an independent artist, freelancer, and entrepreneur over 10 years ago, and have been honing my skills as a game developer and 3D generalist ever since. I've worked across a variety of disciplines, including game art, UIX design, programming, and development.

Since 2018 I've been a member of an indie game studio called Unfamiliar Games, where I've been part of two projects: Dieselhawk and Send It. I've taken part in designing & developing game mechanics, and creating art assets such as 3D characters and environments.

I have a passion for unusual soft drinks. When I'm not playing or working on video games, I enjoy crafting miniatures for Dungeons & Dragons, and tinkering with (breaking) my computer & car. I live in the greater Boston area, and don't really mind the cold.