Ma Deuce (MaD)

An aerial twin-stick action shooter

UE4 Blueprints UMG
MaD started as solo project for's Game Off 2018, and is currently being expanded into a fully-featured title for an upcoming Steam release.

The game's primary mechanic involves blending two weapons together to combine their effects into a more powerful weapon. Players can mix-and-match a variety of weapons on-the-fly to produce a huge variety of unique effects and firing patterns, which keeps the game fast, varied, and fun.

Fallout: Cascadia

Level design for the Fallout: Cascadia mod

Creation Engine
Mercer Island Boarding School is a location for the upcoming Fallout 4 mod Fallout: Cascadia.
The school is built entirely inside of Fallout 4's Creation Engine, using assets from the base game and the Fallout: Cascadia team.

The central Library serves as the level's nexus- a central and quickly recognizable location to help keep the player oriented. The upper levels feature lots of tall, open ceilings exposed to the sky, allowing the environment to be lit primarily by natural light for a calm, quiet atmosphere. As the player ventures away from the Library and deeper into the school, the hallways become winding and confined, and the mood shifts darker and more claustrophobic, away from the safety and comfort of the open air.

The environment features a lot of natural elements such as vines and leaves that help sell the feeling that nature has begun reclaiming the landscape- an important over-arching theme in Fallout: Cascadia. Travelling inwards, the environment becomes more stark and industrial, and haven't been affected as much by wind and rain, helping to give a visual transition as the player moves from areas of open exploration to more challenging and combat-focused areas deeper in.

Fallout 4 Mods

A variety of weapon add-ons produced for Fallout 4 and released through Nexus Mods

Creation Engine
Each weapon was a standalone project designed to address a notable exclusion from the base game, painstakingly tailored to match the aesthetic of the base game seamlessly, as well as carefully balanced to feel as much a part of the original game as possible.

The iconic and beloved Chinese Assault Rifle from Fallout 3 didn't make the cut for Fallout 4, so the mod was made to bring it back. Details were pulled in from real-world counterparts to help flesh out and modernize the design for the new engine, and a variety of unique attachments and variant parts were crafted to allow it to use Fallout 4's new weapons modification mechanics, which weren't present in Fallout 3.

While Fallout 4 had a new Light Machine Gun, the game was lacking variety in its heavy weapons offerings. The HMG mod was built as a punchier upgrade to the base game's machine gun, giving some more diversity and flavor to the end-game weapons roster. The same real-world weapon was later added by Bethesda to Fallout 4's sequel, Fallout 76.

One of the most memorable and fan-favorite weapons from Fallout: New Vegas was the NCR Service Rifle, which I had been tasked by the Fallout: Cascadia team to re-make for their mod. From that, a version with more granular modifications drawing from Cold War period designs matching the Fallout aesthetic was built out as a standalone mod for Fallout 4.


I started as an independent 3D artist, freelancer, and entrepreneur nearly 10 years ago, and have been honing my skills as a game developer and 3D generalist ever since. I've worked across a variety of disciplines, including environment, character, and weapon art, programming and development, and UI/UX design.

I've spent the last year or so working on an independent game project, including assembling a team of contributors, developing game mechanics, and creating art assets such as 3D characters and environments.

I have a passion for unusual soft drinks. When I'm not playing or working on video games, I enjoy crafting miniatures for Dungeons & Dragons. I live in the greater Boston area, and don't really mind the cold.

Unfamiliar Studios

Unfamiliar Studios was founded by my brother and I in January 2018 to pursue our shared passion for making games. We're currently working on our first independent title: a twin-stick shooter called Ma Deuce, which involves helicopters.